Blue Topaz: A Beautiful Birthstone For December Babies

The December Birthstone is blue topaz, which is by far the most popular of all the topaz colors. There are actually three different shades of blue that may occur in topaz. Perhaps the most common of the three shades is sky blue. This is the medium blue shade you might see in the majority of blue topaz jewelry today. The deep blue shade is called “London Blue”, and birthstone rings it has the richest color of the three. It is far lighter in shade than a sapphire, but is still a very deep blue. Finally, the electric blue color of topaz is called “Swiss Blue”. This is perhaps the most vivid of the three shades.

While all three of these shades are very popular today, most people find that one appeals to them especially. December-born people have a particular advantage because they have not one, but three different shades of to choose from while people who were born in other months have just a single color.


Whether blue topaz is used in a ring, a necklace, a charm bracelet, or something else, the process of creating the stone’s color is usually essentially the same. The blue topaz used in jewelry actually begins its life as a colorless or near colorless white topaz. Most of these white topaz are found in Brazil, and twig engagement ring some originate in Sri Lanka. The irradiation process is a treatment that bestows the beautiful shades associated with the different types of blue topaz. While blue topaz is the most desired type by many people, it actually doesn’t typically occur naturally.

Only in the past 100 years has blue topaz become widely available since the irradiation treatments were not sophisticated enough to bring out these shades of blue until this century. Naturally occurring topaz can be a number of different shades sometimes in the yellow and orange range. These are called “Imperial Topaz”, and they tend to be quite pricey.

Blue topaz is a quite durable stone, having an “8” hardness ranking on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. This makes it particularly well suited for the type of jewelry that is worn daily since you don’t have to worry too much about damage to the stone. When you look for your birthstone ring, bracelet, necklace, or other special jewelry piece, make sure that you find a store with a low price guarantee. This is a good way to get a memorable gift that lasts forever and to get it for the best possible price.


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